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Cancellation Policy 
Once the booking is completed we will check if everything is all right and bill your card. If we are not able to proceed with the video call we will refund you. However, as stated elsewhere, the price a costumer pays for the online consultation is completely deductible form the fee of an office based, in person, consultation with Dr Bamonte in Rome, if this in person consultation happens within 2 months. 

Patients infos will be used for the purpose of the consultation only and will not be stored. 
By booking an online consultation with Dr Bamonte, you agree to us using the infos you provide for the purpose of the consultation. 


Which language can i speak during the consultation? 
Dr Bamonte speaks Italian, English and Dutch very fluently. I can speak in French as well, although to a lesser extent.

Can I get glass prescription through an online consultation via this website?
No you can't get a glass prescription. Dr Bamonte will not be able to measure your vision nor to check your eyes as he would do in the office.

Can I get eye drops or any other drug prescribed through an online consultation via this website ? 
Dr Bamonte can prescribe you eye drops and other drugs only if you are located in Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands, countries where he hold a license to practice. 

How can I prepare my self for a consultation with Dr Bamonte?
The purpose of this service is to help you as good as possibile to solve your eye problem. However, Dr Bamonte cannot check your eyes through a video. So in order to maximize your experience you should be able to present previous documents regarding your eyes  which upon review can help Dr Bamonte have a better understanding of your condition. Think at previous consultations with an eye doctor, OCT reports, photos of your retina (back of the eye). 

What if the doctor ask me to come in the office for an in person consultation? 
It may well be that Dr Bamonte advises you to further proceed with an in person, office based, consultation. Should you decide to come to Rome and visit Dr Bamonte at his office, the price you have paid for the online consultation will be completely deducted ( within 4 months from the online consultation). If you decide instead to visit Dr Bamonte in The Hague, no discount can be applied. 

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Dr Giulio Bamonte, Eye Doctor
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