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Do you suffer from a Retinal problem?

Do you have distorted vision? Is your vision blurried?

Distorted vision can represent the first sign of a maculopathy: pucker, macular hole, edema, age related macular degeneration, diabetes. A timed intervantion is fundamental.

Do you suffer from Floaters?

Floaters are due to normal vitreous degeneration  Usually they are not a problem but in some people can become annoying.

Do you need a surgical intervention for your retina? or for your cataract?

Vitrectomy, buckle surgery, phacoemulsification? We do just this. Every day.

Are you afraid that you'll not be able to read or to drive anymore?

We do not do miracles, but we know retinal problems. And we can help you.

Are you sure you are at the good address for your eye problems?

If you have a retinal problem or cataract you are at the good address. If you have something else we will refer you to the best possible specialist.

Do you have a complex eye problem? They said they could not do much?

Sometimes a second opinion helps.

About Me

Dr Giulio Bamonte

Dr Giulio Bamonte, born in Rome in 1978, is a an ophthalmologist with further sub-specialization in vitreoretinal surgery. Beside his private practice in Rome, Italy, Dr Bamonte is consultant vitreoretinal surgeon in The Hague, Netherlands.
His main area of interest are vitreoretinal (floaters, retinal detachments, diabetic retinopathy, macular surgery) and cataract surgery.
He has completed more than 8000 surgical procedures as first operator. 
Dr Bamonte speaks fluently english, dutch and french, and of course italian. 
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Dr Giulio Bamonte

Viale di Villa Massimo 37, Roma

Doctor Bamonte deals with people who have been diagnosed with cataracts or retinal diseases. Through private consultations and surgical interventions, the Doctor helps his patients to solve the problem where possible, and in any case to find a little serenity and smile thanks to an empathic and understanding approach. Retinal Surgery: Pucker and Macular Hole, Diabetic Retinopathy, Retinal Detachment, Floaters, Intravitreal Injections. Cataract surgery: Toric and multifocal lenses, low vision lenses, Femtocatarac (Femto).

Consultations, instrumental examinations and the surgical interventions take place at MicroChirurgia Villa Massimo in Rome, in Viale di Villa Massimo 37. Telephone: 0664220334
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Do you need help from Dr Bamonte?

Here is how you do!

  • Step 1: Book a consultation in Rome 
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  • Step 2Prepare for the consultation
The Doctor will measure your vision and dilate the pupil to examine the back of the eye.  
  • Step 3: Surgical Intervention
If an operation is needed the Doctor will explain all the possible risks and benefits. 
  • Step 4: Doctor Bamonte does not leave you alone 
Before and after the consultation you can contact  the Doctor through a Video Consultation or via email, facebook, whatsapp (0031634072208), phone o chat (on the right corner on this website).

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Dr Giulio Bamonte, Eye Doctor
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